Bond Prices

SPDS No. ISIN No. Maturity Date Original Term of Bond Coupon Rate Mid-Price Expected Maturity Yield to Expected Maturity
00031 AU3CB0268233 7-Nov-21 24-Months 7.25% $100.50        7-Nov-21      5.38%
00045 AU3CB0276061 13-Nov-21 12-Months 7.25% $100.50      13-Nov-21      5.48%
00050 AU3CB0277960 24-Feb-22 12-Months 6.75% $100.00      24-Aug-21      6.75%
00039 AU3CB0278224 26-Feb-22 12-Months 6.50% $100.25      26-Feb-22      6.05%
00048 AU3CB0276756 11-Jun-22 18-Months 6.90% $100.75      11-Jun-22      6.00%
00025 & 00026 AU3CB0277036 15-Jul-22 18-Months 7.00% $100.75      15-Jul-22      6.19%
00053 AU3CB0280279 13-May-22 12-Months 6.65% $100.50      13-May-22      5.99%
00060 AU3CB0282564 20-Aug-22 12-Months 7.00% $100.00      20-Aug-22      7.00%

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