Australia Pacific Mortgage Fund Ltd may collect personal information in order to process an application, administer an investment, assess a loan application and to provide services related to an investment or loan. We may also collect and hold information to facilitate distribution payments and send corporate communications to you as an investor and carry out administration of the Funds.

We only collect information that is necessary for us to process that application or investment. We only disclose your personal information to a third party with your consent, or where we are otherwise entitled or required to do so. Third parities we may disclose personal information to include; your financial planner, the custodian, the responsible entity, auditors, regulatory bodies, mortgage brokers, other lenders and credit reporting agencies.

We may also use personal information to market other products and services offered by us. We have implemented the necessary procedures to ensure that an individual is not sent marketing material if they do not wish their personal information used for this purpose. Normally an individual can gain full access to the personal information that we hold about them, except in some cases where there may be some legal or administrative reason to deny access, in which case we will provide the reason for denial. We aim to ensure that the personal information retained is accurate, complete and current.

We use appropriate security procedures to protect the personal information we hold about you. Access to and the use of personal information is limited to prevent misuse or unlawful disclosure of the information.

Our Privacy Policy details how we treat personal information held, the type of information we collect, how we may use the information and to whom we allow access and how we protect it.

A copy of our Privacy Policy can be obtained by calling +61 3 8621 8400.